Limitless bike customization

If you're a NFT bike owner, you're not limited to your current bike stats or aspect, Crypto Bike Riders will let you customize every single detail!

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$RIDERS token

The $RIDERS token is the governance and official public token of the Crypto Bike Riders game, with this token you'll be able to purchase bikes, pitboxes or parts on the marketplace, and when the community voting option is implemented you'll be able to make your voice be heard.

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Stake to earn

If you're holding $RIDERS tokens and you want to earn more, You can safely stake your idle $RIDERS tokens and multiply your earnings with great APYs and short locking terms (minimum 3 days to unlock your funds)

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Crypto Bike Riders combines the best of the current NFT blockchain gaming with a thrilling competitive bike riding experience, you can enter this game for free as scholar, with just 5 $RIDERS tokens for a non-NFT account, or with an NFT bike / pit box.
Don't miss out our gameplay trailer!

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Why Crypto Bike Riders?

RIDERS features a full ecosystem & healthy growth and scaling model:

Crypto Bike Riders is a 3D racing videogame based on the Blockchain NFT technology, it is inspired on popular GP racing games like MotoGP and Motocross Madness adding cool extra features like the possibility to own and customize your bikes and earn $RIDERS tokens while you play the game.

To play the game you need an NFT bike or pit box or both, however this is not a limitation, you also can start playing with a contribution of 5 $RIDERS tokens that will be converted to the internal currency: Bike Dollars (B$), then you'll receive a random non-NFT bike and you'll be able to buy the resources to play and earn more B$ and also diamonds (premium currency)

All the details about the game economy, mechanics and platform are extensively explained in our Whitepaper

Game modes

PvP 1 vs 1

You can play with friends or with other players, the winner will take the prize in Bike Dollars (B$)

Multiplayer 10 vs 10 race

Race and compete with up to 10 players online and earn big B$ prizez, also ranked players earn $RIDERS at the end of the season.

PvE Stunt race

Win daily prizes by playing against the environment.

Improve your bike

You'll be able to level up your bikes and customize them with diamonds (the premium in-game currency)

How it Goes

The Road Map

  • Phase 1 - Q1-Q4 2021

    Game Inception
    - Whitepaper and documentation
    - Release of game trailer
    - Release of the Website
    - Marketing campaigns
    - NFT sale
    - $CRBD token IDO
  • Phase 2 - Q4 2021

    Game release
    - Token listing on DEX platforms
    - Release of the Marketplace
    - Release of the alpha version and PVP modes of the game
  • Phase 3 - Q1-Q3 2022

    Stake to earn
    - Release of the stake to earn dApp
    - Token burning and halving program
    - Release of the beta version with full PvE and PVP modes and improvements
    - Airdrop
  • Phase 4, Q4 2022

    Full Launch
    - Release of DEX platform - Game release 1 - Mobile (Android, iOS)
  • Phase 5, 2023

    - E-sports competitions
    - Cross-chain NFT interoperability

Team Members

Our Amazing Team

Tuan Nguyen


Duc Dinh


Linh Nguyen

Operating Manager

Long Hue

Lead Developer

Chim Nguyen


Hoang Khong


Duong Uong